The Parliament of Botswana through the Botswana speaks office is currently going through a system upgrade to a newly upgraded and better version of the Botswana Speaks platform. The new version of the platform will include new features such as the third party account, SMS verification capabilities (OTP), the ability to upload images onto the platform as well as a new mobile application which will be downloadable for free for both android and iOS users from their respective application stores.

The newly upgraded platform allows Constituents to use their mobile numbers to register on the new platform using the SMS verification capability (OTP) instead of having to use their email accounts. The Mobile application also allows constituents to access the Botswana Speaks platform at their own convenient time and has the same functionalities as the website. All the information from the old platform will be migrated to the new platform to ensure that the constituents do not lose any of their old cases from the old platform.